Foundation VOC Ship Amsterdam
RSIN number: 006727220
Registered Office: Amsterdam
Postal address: Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970, 1081 LA Amsterdam att. Ms CAM Samson (Christel),  project lead  Deloitte
IBAN: NL 96 TRIO 0254815855 in cooperation with  Stichting VOC Ship Amsterdam

Remuneration policy

The board receives no remuneration for its activities. It is, however, possible to receive compensation for the costs incurred by the board of the Foundation.

Board Members:

  • Mr. NR van der Vloed (Klaas) – chairman
  • Mrs HA Zur Lage-Simons (secretary)
  • Mr. C. Dekker (Kees) – treasurer
  • Mrs. DA van Ravenswaay Claasen-Wisselink (Dagmar)
  • Mrs. M. Gosselink (Martine)
  • Mr. L. Balai (Leo)

Prof. dr. Jerzy Gawronski, professor of maritime archeology at the University of Amsterdam and city archaeologist of the municipality of Amsterdam, is the project leader in the project as an inspirer and founder.

Income and expenses 2016