Vision, Mission, Ambition


Imagine: the wreck of the VOC ship Amsterdam, dating from 1749, submerged in a giant aquarium in the middle of the city of Amsterdam. Divers who are constantly doing research. Visitors experiencing history: in real life and virtual. That is the Docking the Amsterdam. Now it’s still a wreck with cargo, hidden from view, lying off the English coast. In the future it will be accessible to scientists and visitors.


The project is divided in autonomously functioning sub projects: Docking the Amsterdam virtual, Docking the Amsterdam innovation and the Docking the Amsterdam project with the actual shipwreck.
Innovation is in all fases an important theme. Docking the Amsterdam virtual developed a contribution to the communication program of Eurotop 2016 in Amsterdam. The emphasis will be on the relationship between the Amsterdam and Europe and between the Amsterdam and the city of Amsterdam. Docking the Amsterdam innovation strongly aims at an innovative completion. The exposition will be opened with maximal innovative resources, but without the actual wreck. Just like 266 years ago, the Amsterdam is a flagship for innovative companies.

Docking the Amsterdam will eventually, as overwhelming shipwreck, be the highlight for visitors of Amsterdam.


The Docking the Amsterdam, with the ship the Amsterdam as central element, can contribute to a better interaction between present and future with tangible relics and stories from the past. The archeological findings, for example, produce real life data, connected with daily practice and reality. The ship was, back then, a means to unite different worlds with each other and that can it now be, almost three centuries later, again. Ships from that time, and with that also the Amsterdam, were the most modern means of transport for long distances. These aspects offer parallels with the digital present and with innovation in general. The newest technologies will be applied to exhibit the ship, but even more important, to experience it: to learn from the ship, to be inspired by the ship and to realize new ideas based upon that.

Learning becomes experiencing and the platform that is needed to achieve that, is exactly what Docking the Amsterdam strives for to facilitate: a museum setting that will give a new definition to the experience of knowledge. The basis for this is to discover the tens of thousands artefacts from the entire European region the Amsterdam contains, where the Dok with aquarium will serve as working place. These tangible artefacts offer stories from the past, which shall be spoken with new technologies like augmented reality. Archeology and history can teach a lot about the present. Why does something work the way it works (administrative, juridical, cultural)? Where is everything in Amsterdam and the Netherlands coming from? What motivated people from all over Europe to come to Amsterdam and to subscribe for the India channels? But also practical questions like; how was the salvage of theAmsterdam technically done? How is a shipwreck with contents being conserved?